EIC Accelerator Pilot

EIC Accelerator Pilot

EIC Accelerator Pilot/ HORIZON EUROPE

You have a small or medium size company (KMU) with international focused business activity and a concrete idea with high capacity of innovation? The EIC Accelerator of the European Union will support you in developing maturity for the market. The Accelerator replaces the KMU instrument. It unites funding decisions, topic open funding and offers since October 9, 2019 the option of applying for venture capital in combination with grants.

Granted are:

- Risky, market close innovation activities with high market potential and the attempt of internationalization

- The funding is topic open: Non-technological innovations such as social innovations in the service sector can be funded addition to technological innovations

- The further development of a business concept to a market-ready product, a service or process which implies a strategy of growth of the KMU

- Activities such as demonstration, tests, establishment of prototypes, pilot measures, scale-up, miniaturization or design until market implementation

- After that, the „Business Acceleration Services“ can be occupied


  • By the time of the application, the resaerch must be completed and a functioning demonstrator must be available. This ist he technological degree of maturity 6 (TRL6)
  • Funded are market close developments from the point of „Demonstration under usage condition“