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Newsletter Energie & Umwelt

November 2022


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

wir melden uns mit einem neuen Newsletter zum Thema Energie und Umwelt. Im Folgenden finden Sie wieder aktuelle Kooperationspartnerprofile, Veranstaltungshinweise, Neuigkeiten und Informationen zu Förderprogrammen. 

Viel Spaß beim Lesen wünscht Ihnen Ihr Energie und Umweltteam im Enterprise Europe Network Niedersachsen.

Steven Amenda und Florian Lange


Internationale Partnersuche

Sehr geehrte Leserinnen und Leser,

wenn Sie sich für ein bestimmtes Profil interessieren und weitere Informationen erhalten wollen, senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail unter Angabe der Referenznummer des Profils an (Rubrik Energie) oder an (Rubrik Umwelt).



CET Partnership Call 1 / Heat Energy RecOvery from WASTEwater: HERO-WASTE (RDRTR20221031002)

The main purpose of this project is to determine the heat energy recovery potential of wastewater at different points of a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with a pilot-scale heat energy recovery system that involves a heat pump and a heat exchanger, and to propound the optimum point for heat energy recovery as well as evaluating possible usage area of the recovered heat energy within the WWTP.


Polish trading company operating mainly in the construction industry is looking for manufacturers of structures for photovoltaics used on flat roofs (BRPL20221028008)

This Polish trading company deals with wholesale of various products used in the construction industry such as: metal components for gutter systems, bird protection spikes, snow guards, photovoltaic holders and solar masts, roofing accessories. The company is gradually expanding the catalog of its products, responding to the specific needs of its clients, both domestic and foreign. Currently, producers of steel or aluminum structures for photovoltaics for use on flat roofs are in demand.


The company has developed a technology that allows the construction of a wind farm with a vertical axis of rotation (TOPL20221024013)

The company is looking for a partner for implementation works in the development of a series of windmills and the commissioning of turbines, especially in extremely unfavorable and coastal conditions (confirmation of the functional assumptions and the impact of the salty coastal environment on the operation of the installation.


Hydrogen pipe sealing (RDRCZ20221020010)

A Czech research SME is looking for partners interested in joint research project focused on hydrogen pipe sealing. The SME is foreseen European project (Eureka or similar) but is open to any other funding option. Joint research project is expected.


An innovative, high-quality decentral two-pipe room ventilation system is looking for distributors (BOSI20221012008)

A young Slovenian company revolutionised innovative, high-quality decentral two-pipe room ventilation systems with heat recovery, making it almost invisible. All the advantages of the central ventilation systems with heat recovery have been transferred to dimensions and allow local installation. Right now, they are looking for distributors across Europe - the EU.


Vertical axis wind microturbine (TRL 7) (TOIT20221011015)

A group of Italian entrepreneurs with a multidisciplinary technical expertise founded a start up to develop, in collaboration also with the academic world, an innovative vertical axis wind microturbine (TRL 7) which has already recorded a 30% performance improvement over state of the art technology during the first tests in a wind tunnel laboratory. The start up is looking for investors and corporates interested in the final development and commercialisation of the wind turbine on the market.


Compact, lightweight & low-cost hydrogen fuel cell (TOCH20221102013)

Swiss SME offers an innovative fuel cell (FC) technology, based on redesigned microstructure delivering a power density of 1.5-2 times that of leading competitors’ FCs as well transformative assembly process reducing the cost. Application: Commercial vehicles on land/water that require extended use, range and heavy payloads like trucks, buses, trains, construction area, ferries etc.
Agreements sought: Commercial with technical assistance, manufacturing and investment agreement.



Advanced technology for treatment of contaminated soil, groundwater and wastewater (TRFR20220822006)

A Swiss SME active in the remediation of contaminated sites offers a solution for soil, groundwater and wastewater treatment based on chemical oxidation processes. The processes can be applied to rapidly treat a wide range of contaminants (e.g. petroleum waste, hydrocarbons, polyaromatic materials, polychlorinated biphenyls, herbicides) from 1 ppm up to 10% with a conversion rate of up to 99%. Partners for licenses, joint ventures, commercial or technological cooperation agreements are sought.


Austrian company active in the food industry seeks sustainable solutions for combusting a gas mixture and using the resulting heat in existing plants (TRAT20220915003)

The company located in the region of Lower Austria produces and sells food products generated from processing fruit seeds. A solution is being sought to utilize a gas mixture (arising as waste product) in a combustion chamber. The goal is to make this gas stream harmless to humans and the environment. The company is looking for plant engineers who are experienced in gas combustion. A technical, a manufacturing or a research cooperation agreement is envisaged.


Dutch outdoor retail specialist is looking for sustainable end-of-life solutions for sleeping mats (TRNL20220901016)

A large Dutch outdoor retail specialist with 45 years of experience, is not only selling quality products that help customers enjoy the outdoors, but since 2 years customers also have the opportunity to hand in their old and used products. However, sleeping mats cannot be returned, for recycling because there is no good end-of-life option. The Dutch company is looking for partners that can offer a solutions or ideas (from TRL 1-9) to re- or upcycle outdoor sleeping mats.


Polish SME offers the technology for air bio-purification that can be implemented in different industries. The company is interested in signing a commercial agreement with technical assistance (TOPL20221013022)

Polish, very innovative company has created its own system for biological purification of polluted air for an industry applications. The system is based on bacterial flora, it is cheaper and safer in operation than traditional air purification methods. The company is willing to make cooperation with interested EU and non-EU partners to establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Smart Waste Bin (TOIT20220509019)

An innovative spin-off coming from an engineering SME based in Italy has developed a waste management solution, enhancing cleaner cities and money saving for citizens, able to quantify waste and to measure waste bins levels. The smart lock can be opened by authorized people as the product is managed through a user friendly management software which can be integrated into third systems. The start-up is interested in commercial deals with technical assistance with firms managing waste.


The company from Lithuania is offering water purification system based on innovative technology (TOLT20221025005)

Lithuanian SME developed chemical-free zero waste non-thermal plasma and functional coatings-based pool water treatment system. It helps to overcome challenges raised by using hazardous, chlorine-based chemicals and ozone-based solutions. Company would like to cooperate under commercial, license or manufacturing agreement.



Aktuelle Förderinformationen & Nachrichten

Programm für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Klimapolitik (LIFE):

Förderung von Biodiversität, Ressourceneffizienz, Klimaschutz, Anpassung an den Klimawandel sowie Verwaltungspraxis und Informationen in den Bereichen Umwelt und Klima. LIFE ist in vier Themenbereiche aufgeteilt.

- Naturschutz und Biodiversität

- Kreislaufwirtschaft und Lebensqualität

- Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung


- Energiewende

- LIFE-Aktionszuschüsse für den Übergang zu sauberer Energie (insg. 18 Aufrufe)

- Vorbereitende Projekte für den Übergang zu sauberer Energie

Frist für die Einreichung von Projektideen in diesem Bereich ist der 16.11.2022.  

Weitere Informationen   


Neue Aufforderungen zur Einreichung von Vorschlägen mit einem Budget von 277 Mio. € zur Förderung von Investitionen in Infrastrukturen für die digitale Vernetzung. Die Kommission hat die zweite Reihe von Aufforderungen zur Einreichung von Vorschlägen im Rahmen des Programms "Connecting Europe Facility Digital" veröffentlicht.

Mit einem geplanten Budget von 277 Mio. € sollen Projekte für sichere, schnelle und leistungsfähige Netze, Backbone-Infrastrukturen, einschließlich Quantenkommunikation, Cloud-Föderation und Unterseekabel unterstützt, die Netze zur Anbindung ländlicher, abgelegener und überseeischer Gebiete gestärkt sowie die Verkehrs- und Energienetze zunehmend digitalisiert werden. Die Mittel sind speziell für Projekte bestimmt, die im Rahmen der Global-Gateway-Strategie auf den Ausbau der Backbone-Konnektivitätsinfrastruktur innerhalb Europas und mit internationalen Partnern abzielen. Die Kommission wird außerdem Mittel für Projekte bereitstellen, die darauf abzielen, Anbieter wichtiger Dienste in lokalen Gemeinschaften und auf Hauptverkehrswegen mit 5G-Konnektivität auszustatten. Schließlich konzentrieren sich die Aufforderungen auf Projekte zur Verbindung von Cloud-Anbietern und vertikalen Anwendungsgemeinschaften im Hinblick auf die Bildung eines EU-weiten Cloud-Verbunds, Quantenkommunikationsinfrastrukturen sowie auf vorbereitende Maßnahmen zur Einrichtung operationeller digitaler Plattformen für Verkehrs- und Energieinfrastrukturen in der gesamten EU. Die Aufforderungen richten sich an Unternehmen, öffentliche Verwaltungen und Einrichtungen aus den EU-Mitgliedstaaten, den überseeischen Gebieten und den mit dem Programm assoziierten Ländern. Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 23. Februar 2023.

Connecting Europe Facility - Digital

Calls for proposals




Tech4SmartCities @ Cleantech Forum Europe am 8. November 2022 in Brüssel

The brokerage event is organized by Enterprise Europe Brussels and focusses on sustainable and smart Technologies for Cities with a specific focus on clean tech companies. It is free of charge and dedicated to private companies (including SMEs and large companies), as well as public authorities and municipalities, university and research centers, industry and associations that are willing to develop innovative, sustainable, smart and clean technologies or research projects in different fields that help to improve the quality of urban ecosystems.

The focus of the event will be on smart, clean technologies and solutions related to energy performance, urban mobility, sustainable construction, circularity, low carbon economy and digital transformation that can contribute towards the achievement of climate-neutrality objectives of cities and increase their resilience.

The NCP Brussels network will organize an informative webinar during the lunch break to highlight upcoming smarty city oriented European Research & Innovation opportunities under the Horizon Europe Programme.

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung.


Projects4GreenEnergy: Connected, Online-Event

Die Sächsische Energieagentur (SAENA) und das Enterprise Europe Network laden Sie ein, an der Online-Veranstaltung teilzunehmen, die sich an Unternehmen, Forschungseinrichtungen, Universitäten und Cluster den Bereichen Energie und Greentech richtet.

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten, geeigneten Projektpartnern oder Möglichkeite zur Beteiligung an Forschungsprojekten?

Dies ist Ihre Chance, neue Kontakte zu knüpfen:
Streamings: Finden Sie Projektpartner & erfahren Sie mehr über Ausschreibungen im Rahmen des Forschungsprogramms HORIZON EUROPE und weiterer Förderprogramme.

Angesprochene Themen:

- Greentech
- Energieversorgung, -nachfrage und -effizienz
- Nachhaltigkeit
- EU-Aufrufe und Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten
- Organisationen und Dienstleistungen

Weitere Informationen zu der Veranstaltung finden Sie hier: 

Projects4GreenEnergy: Connected - About the event (

Breaking circular economy barriers - GO CIRCULAR am 23.-24. November in Skopje und virtuell

A high-level hybrid conference followed by bilateral international meetings aiming at fostering circular economy business and R&D synergies and collaborations!

Would you like to discover the opportunities of Green and Circular Economy? Are you interested in meeting business, technology and R&D partners? Looking for inspiration, partners or funding for your circular economy projects?

Conference topics

  • Circular economy policy developments in the Western Balkan
  • Success stories of European circular economy projects
  • Insights into different business models and circular economy across various industries
  • Funding opportunities and tools for innovation projects

Target participants

  • SMEs, Universities, R&D centres, Business Associations, Public Authorities with Circular Economy solutions.

Why participating?

  • Overview of Circular Economy and solutions
  • Networking with the most innovative actors
  • Partnering for future new business and R&D opportunities

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung unter


Kommission startet Konsultation über neuen Rahmen zur Waldbeobachtung

Die Europäische Kommission bittet um Meinungen dazu, wie ein EU-weiter Waldbeobachtungsrahmen gestaltet werden sollte. Ziel ist es, einen offenen Zugang zu detaillierten, regelmäßigen und zeitnahen Informationen über den Zustand und die Bewirtschaftung der Wälder in der EU zu bieten. Eine aktuelle öffentliche Konsultation zum Thema läuft noch bis zum 17. November.

Die über den neuen Beobachtungsrahmen gewonnenen Informationen werden zu stärker datengesteuerten Entscheidungen über Wälder führen. Ziel ist es, das Vertrauen der Öffentlichkeit in die Waldbewirtschaftung zu stärken, den illegalen Holzeinschlag zu verringern, eine nachhaltigere Waldbewirtschaftung zu fördern und zu belohnen und die Anpassung der Wälder an den Klimawandel zu unterstützen.

Weitere Informationen:

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